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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wrapping Up Sports Saturday.

OK, so I was wrong about the Idaho-Wyoming game. I predicted the score would be Wyoming 35-Idaho 7. Looks like I gave the Vandals too much credit. The final score was Wyoming 42-Idaho 10. Oh well, on to Northern Illinois and then our old "rival" Washington State who shocked the college football world yesterday with a 10-7 upset win against the mighty USC Trojans at the Coliseum in LA.. Expect more Cougar upsets as they begin their second season under had coach Leach.

Now, as far as the Vandals go, well, it looks like a very tough year, culminating in a massacre when they meet traditional power house Florida State at Tallahassee on November 23rd. Idaho playing Florida State in Florida is about like a Piper Cub colliding head on with a Boeing 747 Heck, this version of the Vandals could probably not even beat most of the teams in the lower tier Big Sky anymore. I am sure the high flying Eagles of Eastern Washington would hand Idaho a sound thrashing.

 Congratulations to the CDA Vikings for a great showing against a large Seattle area school yesterday at the Husky Stadium in Seattle. The Vikes came up 1 point short-44-43, but I am still amazed how things have changed since my day, and CDA is playing teams from Seattle.
(Wow, I guess Wallace will never be on their schedule again (:))

Today I turn my hopes to my Seattle Seahawks as the NFL kicks off. I am expecting great things from the Hawks this season, but it is a long, long road to the Super Bowel in the parity laden world of the NFL. It will be a fun ride this season regardless of the final standings. Go Seahawks.

And that's it for today. And remember, in life like in football, if you do manage to get in the end zone and score, act like you have been there before.(Paraphrased with my own interpretation of Vince Lombardi's' speech to his team.)

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