Monday, September 9, 2013

Johnny Can't Read the Driver's Manual.

When I was living in Seattle and I had to take I-5 or the 405 freeways, I always breathed a sigh of relief as I exited the freeway, and finally pulled into the friendly confines of my home parking. Now, Coeur D' Alene driving has me feeling the same way as we take an almost daily venture up 4th Street, Appleway, and Hwy 95. When we get home I get out of the car and kiss the ground a say a prayer of thanks for making it home alive.

Evidently, the saying that Johnny can't read must have been in reference to Idaho drivers, I really don't remember it being this way when we were growing up here.  But Johnny Driver in CDA does not seem to understand some basic driving and English concepts.

STOP-now, that is a simple word that we have known since infancy. Someone was always telling us to STOP what we were doing. I always thought that it meant to desist in whatever one was doing, and come to a complete halt. The same principal one would think should translate into driving. A STOP sign does and should mean, STOP the car here. But CDA drivers seem to have inherited their California forefather's genes in thinking that it means, " Slow down and keep the wheel slowly moving forward until you can recklessly enter the intersection and narrowly miss another vehicle.

Right Of Way-CDA diver's interpretation-I'm always right, get out of my way.

CDA divers seem to think that when they are merging onto freeway traffic from an on ramp that they have the right of way. Wrong again. The cars on the freeway HAVE THE RIGHT of Way. It only a courtesy when they let you in, It is not your right to force a merger.

Following to Close. CDA drivers think that means that they are suppose to follow close so that they can read all of the bumper stickers and posters on the car ahead of them.

Seems like learning to read Dick and Jane and seeing Spot run was not such a bad way to teach reading after all. .

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