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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Say It Isn't So!

 IMAGE: Hostess is threating to shut down all operations if workers do not return to work by Thursday.
OK, I give up. I just became anti-union. Yes, a great American institution and one of the four basic food groups is about to go under if the union workers do not return to work on Thursday, Say it isn’t so. No more Twinkies: my all time favorite food.


Go Figure said...

I would suggest that the company is in trouble...Twinkies are not exactly the 'health' food of choice today...and it is just union bashing as part of the negotiation process. If it goes out of business, it won't be because of pay/benefits...

Cedar Street Kid said...

it will always be my food of choice, along with Wonder Bread.
"It helps destroy the body-12 ways".