Thursday, November 15, 2012

Play Ball, Not Video Monster

Wooden benches,  good organ player, and hot dogs, now that is a proper baseball environment.Do the M's really feel like this big screen monstrosity will make up for a lousy team?
Last week the team began work on what will be the biggest video display in Major
League Baseball and one of the largest in professional sports. It's the centerpiece of the biggest upgrade to the ballpark since it opened in 1999 and a technical marvel that could become a tourist attraction on its own.
At 201.5 feet by 56.7 feet, the display is nearly a block long and wider than the record-holding jumbo display at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. It's ten times the size of the ballpark's current video screen and has a viewing area of roughly 2,182 42-inch TVs.
Here is a picture of this "improvement".
 Please, spend the money on some decent free agents, not another "entertainment" distraction.

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Go Figure said...

I agree completely. Besides, why would people attending a game want to watch it on a big TV? Oh, I guess that without it they would have to interrupt their conversations, and actually watch the Mariners lose. Now if, by chance, something exciting should happen they can watch it on instant reply.