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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tamarack Stadium

OK, so it was not Yankee Stadium or Sather Field, or even the dirt Little League field in Wallace, . I am talking about our make believe field where Hemlock met Tamarack. There was even a single street light, and when it came on, we pretended that it was the lights at a major league park and we were playing a night game. We acted out the All Star game and played the World Series in the "stadium" Here are some pictures from that era.

 Here I am deep in the outfield cleanly fielding a hit. This was in the lot of a house on River and Tamarack.
 My brother gets a hit, and I field the ball at 2nd base.
 My brother taking a swing. He is standing on Hemlock Street where it met Tamarack
Here I am playing the "outfield". The tee shirt that I have on said "Cincinnati Reds" on it.

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Go Figure said...

Great photos. Thanks for posting them.