Friday, October 12, 2012

There Goes My Twinkies

I am just letting everyone know that I am still here, but I have been very busy this month. My wife gave us a little scare with some severe heart pains in the middle of the night, so, off to the hospital for a few days. She is home now, and did not have a heart attack. She does have extremely high blood pressure, and is borderline diabetic, as am I. As a matter for fact, both of us have diabetes on both sides of our families. My mother basically died form it, and my brother and my sister are both diabetic, So, we are taking the transformation of diet change a little more seriously,

We are are already eating healthful foods, lots of veggies, etc, but we also love our ice cream and sweets, so for now, except for sugar free ones, and low fat ones, those are off the menu. Whatever shall I do?(:)

 She is doing much better, her bp is coming down, and her strength is returning. We are thankful and very grateful that it was not worse.


Go Figure said...

Whew. Glad things are okay. We have a 'juicer' so we ground up some carrots from Green Bluff the other day. Nice orange juice--reminded me of the old creamsicle. A very smooth texture to drink, went down very well. Only drawback is that after it goes down the taste hits you. It tastes like you just swallowed a handfull of carrots! I guess--carrots in...carrots out. Ha!

Cedar Street Kid said...

I love veggies, except for carrots. For some reason, I have never liked them.