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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have To Go For It

The sights and sounds of the "big city" were everywhere. and my four year old image needed an update to match my new surroundings. We had just moved from the suburbs of Burke to the great city of Wallace.

I was out playing on Tamarack, when I spotted the girl of my dreams. Now, mind you, at the age of four, my dreams were somewhat limited in scope. I, however, knew beauty when I saw it, and she was beautiful to this four year old.

How could I win the heart and soul of this young lass? I was desperate to win her affection, so I did what any young man would do in these circumstances. I used the oldest line in the book. With the full confidence and swagger that would have made Hugh Hefner proud, I strode up to the one whose affections I desired and introduced myself. “Hi, I'm Roy Rogers and I'm sixteen years old"

Now, that my friends, is a line that works every time. I am sure that somewhere out there Terri is still laughing.


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