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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Superdud Cleanup

I stand amazed as I watch the progress being made by the Superdud Cleanup program. Everywhere I go in the Valley there are signs that say "men and equipment at work" With bated breath I look, trying to catch a glimpse of such a grandiose sight. But, alas, all that I can see are a few bulldozers sitting idly by, and a few men in orange vests standing around a shovel and eagerly checking their watches to see if it is break time again.

As I drive down the streets of Osburn and Wallace, I see yards torn up, driveways turned upside down, and yellow tape, looking suspiciously like a crime scene, roping off barren space.

Ah, yes, many folks in the Valley have been the recipient of a beautiful new yard, compliments of the USA government, and your tax dollars. How nice!. I, however, remain a mite skeptical of the whole process. Why? Because they seem to pick about every other yard to do their home makeover. Just what criteria do the use ot determine who gets a governemnt sponsered yard?

Oddly, the peopel next door to my parent's home needed a new yard and driveway, but my folk's yard was fine, except for my mother's flower bed, whcih they tore up one day when my parents were not at home. My mother came home to find her flower garden dismantled by the EPA. So, I guess, somehow, the lead leaped over my parents' yard, and ended up in the neighbour's driveway. Hm, wonder how that happened!

Anyway, I guess the cleanup is all right, but I kind of miss Lead Creek, the barren hills of Kellogg, and after all, a little lead didn't hurt me, didn't hurt me, didn't hurt me, didn't hurt me.


Songwraith said...

Special memories will always include the barren hills, gray water, and air that obstructed the view of the mountains. Thanks for the musings--I "pop" in every now and again. Sorry for your recent loss. I spent some months (amidst finishing a music degree) at the Star and met a Cletus S. there (a sincerely nice man). Thanks!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Hi,Songwraith, thanks for stopping in, I appreciate it. Cletus was my Dad's first cousin, and yes, a really nice guy. He passed away about ten years ago.

Cedar Street Kid said...
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Go Figure said...

Cedar: I still have a copy of the Wa-Hi Booster school paper...I believe it was the (egad) first Earth Day issue. It has a picture of a "skull & cross bones" sign warning all to stay away from the South Fork. Glad it headed towards Kellogg. HA! I actually am amazed by all the trees on the hillsides in the western part of the valley. Looks nice.

Cedar Street Kid said...

hey, GF, I still have that one, too
Was just looking at it the other day. yes, we marched in the first E day ever! Weren't we special?

inlandempiregirl said...

My mom's grass has never been the same since the 'makeover" of her yard. The soil is rock hard. Fortunately we were able to salvage her plants and shrubs, but what a job!