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Friday, August 28, 2009

I Miss the Old Ways

I miss the old ways. I admit it. I am a traditionalist. Remember The old saying of " American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet"? No it is "as American as soccer, sushi, low fat yogurt and Toyota". Wow, it just does not sound the same. I miss the old ways.

What happened to us? I remember when it was being said that we were no longer an industrial nation, but an information nation. I remember when it was being said that were becoming a world wide economy instead of a national economy. Who the hell changed the rules,and who decided that we were not an industrial nation anymore? Who decided that we had to be part of a world wide conglomerate? I don't remember getting to vote on it. If I had my way, we would start building factories again, and become a self reliant nation.

I remember when people were self reliant instead of government reliant.You bought your own insurance, or had it provided by your employer. You saved money for retirement, and the banks had programs encouraging you to save. Now, go into a bank and all that you see is "spend, spend, spend."

I remember when the government did not try ot tell you if you could smoke or not, eat trans fat, or greasy hamburgers. I miss the old days when you , the citizen, could make the choice. What has happened to us? I miss the old days, and I want my country back. I don't like this new country, and I can't believe that the people have become so stupid as to endorse the new way.
Stand up. Take back the USA before it is gone. Gosh, I miss the old ways.


Go Figure said...

Cedar: You need to drink more beer and rid yourself of those old and useless brain cells that contain memories of how it use to be. The more progressive and strong brain cells need to prosper and see the enlightened approach. I missed the cash for crappers post. Excellent!

Cedar Street Kid said...

you are tight, GF. Useless old brain cells. Actually, I am not sure i have any cells left after the seventies.

Go Figure said...

Cedar: 70's, Heck, I "stopped" serious drinking after my sophomore year. That probably explains my "D" in Chemistry from Mrs. Perone...that she was so nice to raise to a "B" because I was able to explain to her why I had poured acid into a book and closed the cover. Simply put, I cogently explained to her that I was interested in evaluating the effect of pressure on the acid. Would it nullify its effect on the paper or enhance it? Well, the answer was that I wasn't able to find out, because she caught me before I was able to do a "control" book, but it sure made a mess of the pages of the book. She persuaded me that such a contol test would only cost me more money, and that the result really didn't need to be evaluated on her watch. HA!

Go Figure said...
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Cedar Street Kid said...

Hm, damn the woman for not allowing such a scientific breakthrough to be done. I have two questions, though. 1. Just what do you mean by"acid"?

2. are you sure your "serious" drinking days are over? Just wondering since you posted the same comment twice>(:)

Go Figure said...

Cedar: Hydrochloric. Delirium tremors last a long time...thus the double strikkkkkkke on the mouse. HA!