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Friday, March 6, 2009

Santa And His Helpers

I had always thought that Christmas came only once a year, but I have been proven wrong.Picture for a moment Santa sitting on his throne, surrounded by all of his little elves and helpers. Now, picture Obama in a Santa suit,takes a little imagination,and all of the little boys and girls, whoops, I mean all of the governors, business owners, bankers, and automobile and insurance CEO's lined up to give Santa their wish lists for the Holidays. Idaho is line, too, and we are represented by a man named after a critter. Never trust a politician named after an animal.

Obama Santa does things a little differently than that other Santa that we all know and love. Obama Santa has in his bag of magic checks for all the guys and gals in suits. Now, also, unlike the other Santa who goes by a naughty and nice list, Obama Santa does not care if you have been naughty or nice. As a matter of fact, the naughtier you have been, the bigger gift you receive. In political double talk, the checks were supposed to be take home by the receivers to create jobs and stimulate the failing economy. However, Santa Obama tells all of the suits that they are free to spend the money as they see fit. Hm, that is like giving a crack head a sack full of crack and telling them to use it for the good of all. It just is not going to work.

Now, our guy named after a critter is back in home in Idaho, and he wants we, the people, to give him idea on how the money should be spent, and he will play Santa Otter, and hand out the money according to the the wish lists. So, now it is one week before Christmas, and the little boys and girls, whoops again, I mean all of the carpetbaggers are lined before the Critter's throne to tell the fake Santa what they want for Christmas. Most of the little tykes in line are representing that various counties of Idaho. Here are what they asked for.Now mind you, the money was intended for creating jobs and stimulating the woeful economy.

CDA School District-40 million for school renovations and repairs. OK, maybe they need a little repairing, but how many jobs does this create? at most, the jobs will be temporary construction jobs, and when the renovations are done, then what?

Sandpoint Airport-( you mean they have an airport in Sandpoint?) 11.8 million for runway, taxiway, and and hangar improvements.

Bonner County-5.8 million for a new juvenile detention center.

CDA police department wants 205,30 dollars to hire new policemen so that they can arrest more jaywalkers and sidewalk spitters.

Can you say "PORK"?

If you really want to stimulate the economy, Santa, how about giving we, the people, the money to spend as we see fit? I mean, this would really work, We would buy new cars, computers, clothes, furniture, and on and on, and the economy would flourish.

Or, why not give the money to some of the little mining companies, like Sterling, so that they cold keep the Sunshine mine going and create real jobs? I know, I know, it makes too much sense. and God knows, politicians never make sense.

So, we having mever learned the lesson of fiscal responsibility, are lined up once again,our wish list in hand, and saying to Santa Obama, give me, give me, give me.

it is Christmas time once again in the good old USA, and we are in a festive mood, for we have been bad all year, but not to worry, Santa Obama rewards all of the bad little boys and girls.

" All I want for Christmas is a trillion dollars, a trillion dollars, a trillion dollars,
All I want for Christmas is a trillion dollars,
So I too can wish you a Merry Christmas"

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