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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Santa and His Helpers-an editorial ad on

I just want to ad to my previous post. Our governor was not for the stimulus package, and only with reluctance did he accept it. He does realize that the most important part is the create jobs.
I did the previous post using a writer's creative right to use far out ideas to make a point., sort of like an editorial cartoon. I do believe in helping the schools, but I think that we are going at this from the wrong way. If we create meaningful employment, workers will pay taxes, and that in turn will create funds that can be used for projects. Also, I believe that there should have been strict controls put in place on how the money is to be used.

Many years ago, I was in financial distress, and I went to my father to borrow money. He told me an old adage that we have heard many times. "Son, I am going to loan you the money, but always remember, you cannot borrow your way out of debt"


Go Figure said...

Cedar, great posts. I can't deal with the issues. Interesting,huh?

Cedar Street Kid said...

Thanks, GF. I have an advantage in that I am not in the public eye, where as I am sure you must be careful on political issues in your posistion. I think that my position on the stimulus is not very popular. You are the only one who comments on them, but I an just expressing how I really feel. I am scared that we are heading down a path that will ruin everything that makes this country great.I might also ad that I lean towards the Democratic Party, but I want the party of Scoop Jackson, not Jessee Jackson.

Go Figure said...

Cedar, You are a very funny man. Where were you 12 years ago when I needed the advice to be careful on political issues! HA!HA!