Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Three Stooges

What a glorious year it was, the year of 2001. It was one of the best years of my life. The Emerald Inn where I had been managing for a lot of years was being sold, and I had been promised a full year's salary in severance if I stayed until the sale was complete and oversaw the transference of the hotel to the new owners. I had never had that kind of cash at one time, and I was looking forward to taking the entire summer of 2001 off. I had been working seven days a week for years, and quite frankly, I was wiped out.

Not only was that happening, but my wonderful daughter was getting married, and my son and his wife were expecting their first child, so I was about to become Grandpa for the first time. To top it off , the Seattle Mariners were in the process of winning a record 116 games that season.(I live and die with the Seattle Mariners.) Life could not be any better!

It all went as planned. I walked my daughter down the aisle in a picture book wedding in April, and on June 1st, the hotel changed hands, and I had thousands of dollars in the bank. Then on June10th, Tai Robert---------came into the world, and I was the proudest Grandpa this world has ever seen. What a beautiful child he was. His mother was of Japanese heritage, and of course my son was a handsome dude,( how could he not be, after all I am his father.) The Mariners continued their winning way, and Seattle even hosted the All Star Game. I took the entire summer off and spent time on the beach, eating, and laying around all day. Life was good.

I had planned on going back into the hotel world in the Fall, and the summer went by quickly. It was now Sept. 11, and tragedy struck with lightening speed, turning the whole nation upside down.
It was that week that i received a call from a hotel owner, a competitor of my former hotel, and he had gone in partnership and had purchased a lovely extended stay hotel in the downtown area. Would I be interested in being the General Manager of his property? Would I. I had always wanted to manage an extended stay hotel because I was quite frankly, burned out on complaining tourists and having a complete turn over every day. With an extended stay hotel, the guests are set for weeks and even months at a time. The hotel was located between two mega-hospitals, and Seattle University was only two blocks away. It was perfect. Right? Wrong, er rather I should say"Wong" because it was there that i went to work for Mr, Wong, and his two partners, whom I soon dubbed the "Three Stooges"

next-two wongs don't make a right.


Go Figure said...

Sounds like a wong turn coming up.

Cedar Street Kid said...

hi GF, you have no idea just how wong it was!

Hey. GF, are you going to the all class reunion?

MarmiteToasty said...

Aint it strange how ones life seems to be on a straight line and things are good.... and then BAM lol... the wong turn is taken...

Best never to make plans in life.... cos most go tits up anyways...