Friday, February 6, 2009

Caution Ahead-Men and Tax Dollars At Work

The old river road was just too washed out and dangerous for the mailman to deliver the mail to the river residents, so he was using the long route to make sure the residents all got their bills and letter from their loved ones on time. One problem-the Postal Service said that the extra miles were not in the contract. So, the families stopped getting their mail, and could no longer know how Aunt Matilda's arthritis was doing. Mind you, they had no idea why they were no longer getting mail because----Drum roll please-the Postal Service had mailed out notices that that the mail was not being delivered anymore! Wow, is our government on the ball or what?

Recently, the Federal Government decided to bail out the poor old banks because they had made atrocious business decisions and needed the government to bail them out. OK, so far so bad, but the banks, already supposedly in financial distress decided to celebrate their good fortune. Bank of America threw a ten million dollar Super Bowel Party and Carnival, and Wells Fargo planned a junket for some of their good folks to Las Vegas for a grand celebration. To Wells Fargo's credit, excuse the pun, they cancelled the Vegas trip after Congress said"Whoa Nelly" Bank of America ,however, said that the ten million they spent on the Super Bowel bash didn't come out of the bail out money they had received. Excuse me! if they had an extra ten million lying around for a party, please tell why they needed 45 billion in bail out money?

Now we have before Congress an almost trillion dollar bail out plan for whole economy. Included in this stimulus is millions set aside for stop smoking programs, and STD programs. Please, please, tell me how these will stimulate the economy? The States are salivating over the prospects of getting their hands in the pot of gold. Schools are drawing up plans for ridiculous programs, and Alaska is planning on building a bridge to the North Pole. Just kidding about that one. Remember their plan to build a bridge to nowhere last year?

OK, I know we need to do something, and we need to do it quickly, but every dollar should be used to create real jobs, and real needs of we, the people. We are only going to get one crack at this, and if this huge stimulus does not work, you had better learn how to read and speak Chinese very quickly. The Federal Government will probably send us all notices that they have merged with China, but we will never know because the Post Office had gone out of business. Indeed!


inlandempiregirl said...

It is not a good time to even watch the news is it? I think some schools have big projects planned, but we hope to just be able to find funding to keep our school heated, lit, and keep the buses running!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Good Morning, IEG. I am not against schools getting funding, I am a firm believer in education, hope you didn't take offense. I have just read some about some schools looking at this like just won the lottery. States are doing the same thing. I just want this money to be used to fuel new jobs, and in turn people will pay taxes, buy propery, and in turn, schools should get the money they need.

Go Figure said...

I have commenting on avoided this good as it is. I do certainly agree that 1 shot at it is all we will get...and I know a lot of people are hoping that we 'swing and miss' like Mighty Casey. Here's hoping we hit it dead on, and here is to Pres. Obama. I certainly am not a big fan of some of his policies, but he is our leader...and I wish him, and us, the very best.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Good morning, GF. When one posts about political and social issues, the slippery slope is very much there. Please feel free to comment any way you want to on my posts. I urge debate and ideas, even if they differ from mine.I, too, hope that we hit a grand slam with this package.I do have my doubts, thouh, and it scares me to think what will happen if it strikes out.