Sunday, February 22, 2009

My 20,950th Birthday

We celebrate our lives one day each year, the day that we came into this world. My birthday by the year is October 16th. So , on that day, I reflect on the past , prognosticate about the future, and start a new year on my life. But, what if we measured our birthday by the day instead of the year.? How would we live our lives?

I found out today that I have lived 20,950 days on this earth. Wow, makes me sound really old!
Now, while I can remember most years of my life and a little about what I did in those specific years, but,hm,-can't seem to remember much about those 20,950 specific days. I was taught as a child to make everyday count. So, if I start today, and make everyday count, I am sure my life will be much different than when I total my age in years. What do you think?

I have seen 20,950 sunrises and sunsets. Each of them begin and end a life. Each day is a new life.

I read a great quote about measuring your life in days. "your time is short, don't waste it living someone else's' life."

Today, my life is a blank sheet of paper, the story is untold, and I alone can write this chapter. What will I write today?

Happy 20,950th birthday to me, and Happy Birthday to all of you.


Go Figure said...

Excellent post. I do however have to question the truth of you having seen all those sunrises. Sunsets, maybe...sunrises...well, lets just say I have some doubt. HA!

Cedar Street Kid said...

ok, OK, maybe not the sunrises. Let's see, if you count all the night shifts I worked, and all of the times in my twenties I wondered home from the bars in the wee hours-well, maybe 2,000 sunrises.