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Sunday, February 1, 2009

"And how many will there be in your room?"

Why did we always ask the question when checking a guest in a room? Well, of course there was the profit of getting more money for double or single occupancy, and then there were other reasons. Some people were just downright sneaky. Interpretation? They were planning a party.

I know, I know, that is stunning news to you, but it is true. You just can't trust some people.

Chuck, as we called him, was a high school senior, the son of the manager, and the grandson of the owner, and he was shall we say, a little slack on his duties as the swing clerk. Let me tell you a little bit about Chuckie. He took his school studies very seriously. We were discussing cites and states and I asked him a few geography questions. I bet him that he could not name the west coast states. I was wrong. Not only could Chuckie name some states , he knew some additional ones. I was really surprised to learn Los Angeles was a state. Somehow that little fact had escaped me through my years in grade school, junior high, high school, and college. Wow, you learn something new everyday. So, you see, Chuckie was not the most dependable clerk I had ever worked with. I mean, after all, his Dad was the General Manger and part owner, and his grandfather was the owner, and was a very wealthy man. Why bother learning the facts when you had a future inheritance?

I came on shift that night to do the books for the day, and as was custom, I went through the registration cards to get the feel for what kind of guests I had in-house that night. I noticed nothing unusual, and went about my accounting duties. About and hour later, I got the call that there was noise coming from a second floor room. I did my usual thing and called the room. I had checked the registration card first, and I knew that there should only be two people in that room. The room was registered to two females, but the address was one in the same city where the hotel was located. This was always a red flag in my business, especially when the people were young.

I called the room, and a young lady answered the phone. I explained that I had a complaint about noise, and asked how many people were in the room. "Only two", the young lady told me. She said they had been listening to some music, and that it would not happen again. I was satisfied, and went about my business.

I need to explain a little how this hotel was arranged to facilitate your understanding of what would happen about an hour later. Outside was a courtyard, and in that courtyard was a covered swimming pool, and in a room built close to the pool was a jacuzzi and a sauna. The courtyard was nnot visible from the front desk where I was doing the books. I heard what seemed like an inordinate amount of noise outside, and I knew it was coming from the pool area. I put down my accounting forms and went to investigate the cause of the noise. It lead to the jacuzzi and sauna room. I opened the door, and there to greet my surprised eyes were twenty or so young people, no more the 17 or 18 years old. Surprised? Yep, but even more surprising was the fact that they were all stark naked. It seems like this was the senior class from one of the cities high schools, and that this was an annual event. Good old Chuckie had let in all of his buddies from school.

Well, now what to do next? I am there, and twenty sets of young eyes are looking at me, and so I gulped and said that they would have to leave. Of course the roar of the jacuzzi drowned out my words, and one young lady popped up out the of the swirling water, and said " we can't hear you, come over here". You betcha. Like I was going to walk over to a nude female minor. I could just see it now if I accidentally touched her in anyway. I yelled now" You have to get out of here now, or I will call the police". I exited the room to give them some privacy, and hoped that this was the end of it. Naive thinking, that was!

I thought everyone had left when I got another complaint call from the same floor as before. This time I just picked up the phone and called the police. The officers came, and up to the room they went. it seems that there were even more kids in the room. The officers came back down to the lobby laughing becasue they had pulled kids out of the bathroom, under the bed, in the closet and any place where they could possibly be. How they managed to get 40 kids in one hotel room meant for two people is beyond me.

The next morning two older male guests approached me and laughingly said, that we provided the best floor show that they had ever seen. They went on to describe how several young females had been been running around the parking lot nude. They thought it was a great show, but for some reason their wives did not think so. Hm, no sense of humor, I guess.

The next night I reamed Chuckie for over an hour. He, of course, said that he knew nothing about it. Last time that I heard, Chuckie was living in the state of Delusion, which is the bordering state to the state of LosAngeles.


Go Figure said...

Really, I wasn't there. HA!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Sorry, GF, weren't you the guy with his head down in the middle of the jacuzzi?

Go Figure said...

Didn't think you would notice...HA!

MarmiteToasty said...

I finks Starr would be the one to book in for one and sneak in half a dozen maties or wild woman lol...