Friday, February 1, 2008

Cedar Street Blues

Jim Nabors sang"the old home town looks the same, as I stepped down from the train".

Well, he apparently was not singing about my home town.

First of all, there is not train.Oh, we have a depot all right, but no train.We even celebrate our depot.Of course, we celebrate anything here. I remember trying to explain to my new bride last summer,who is from Baltimore,about"Lead Creek Derby"How do you explain to an outsider that people come from all over to watch a large ball thrown into the "Crick"and then we dance,drink until we fall down, and watch with abated breath as the ball comes under the bridge?But,I will save the Derby for a later date.

Back to my home town blues.I am the Cedar Street Kid,so I was obviously raised on Cedar Street. This is important because this is in contrast to the King Street Gang.But more on that later,too.

Cedar Street,home to beautiful houses,no,not those kind ,silly,countless bars,Morrows Retail,Gene's Radio Shop,Fonks'Dime Store,Idaho First National Bank,Wallace Supply, The North Idaho Press,The Midget Lunch,The Grand Theater,more bars,The Willama Theater,more bars,Elks's and Eagle's Clubs,more bars,The Wallace Corner,Brownie's Corner,more bars,Frank's Barber Shop. George's Barber Shop, where everyone came out looking the same,The Wilma Barber Shop,Lockhart's Pharmacy,Blum's Floral,the beautful Samuel's Hotel,more bars,and of course,THE HOUSES,The Arment,The Oasis,The Jade and the U&I.

I am sure I have left out some, but you get the picture.Cedar Street, during my childhood.

No, the old home town does not look the same.I must have fallen off of the train.



Silver Valley Girl said...

When I was younger, I think Cedar Street always scared me because I was convinced I would see a prostitute if I even looked down the street. I remember a few of the businesses that you mentioned, but we didn't venture up to Wallace much, because to my parents it was like a journey to the end of the world, a whole 15 miles!! And, of course, I wouldn't set foot on Cedar Street, so maybe I remember more businesses on Bank Street!!

Was in Wallace this morning. Had to go get some bloodwork done at the Bank Street Clinic. Did you hear the bus garage roof collapsed this morning?

People were shoveling, plowing and moving snow all over the place this morning!!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Hey SV Girl,you mean we had prostitutes in Wallace? WOW! Wish I had known.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Well, that was the rumor in Kellogg, anyway.