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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flagging My Own Blog

Today, I flagged my own blog. Wow, that sounds a little risque,doesn't it?I just find certain words funny. Put several word together in a phrase, and, well, I am rolling on the floor.

As a seeker of truth,philosopher at large, and spiritual guru(in my own world), I found the answer to life,the evasive fountain of youth, the elixir of love, the true meaning of existence."
Green Acres.

"Green Acres".Yes, you heard me right.Watching four hours a day of Green Acres will cure what ails you. How can anything be wrong when you are laughing your butt off?Stupid?Yes!But oh so funny. The pure child-like innocence of Lisa. The absurdity of Oliver plowing his pathetic crops in a New York Lawyers suit.Eb,Mr.Haney(we have all known a Mr. Haney), and my personal favorite,Mr, Kimball.

Mr. Kimball-no television character has ever been more hysterically created than Mr. Kimball.

I drive my wife nuts going around imitating him. Well, not imitating him. I guess I do imitate him. According to reports, adults average laughing only five times a day. That my friends is the whole problem with the world. Children average laughing three hundred times a day.

Want to change the world? Want to make your life better,bring pleasure to your love life,lower your blood pressure,live longer?

"Green Acres is the place for me"


Go Figure said...

Excellent point. I am going to try to increase my laughs up to at least...oh...10 a day.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Hi,GF-thanks for reading.Come on,at least laugh 15 times