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Friday, January 18, 2008

What the heck is an IPOD?

There are so many new things in the world that didn't exist when I was growing up,and I was ignorant of their meaning, so as a seeker of truth I set out to discover their real origins. Here are the results of my years of research and seeking.

Crack Addict-----Those low hanging jeans(you know the kind) that I saw on the street punks when I was living in Seattle

Pierce Bronson---The only part of her anatomy that wasn't

I Tune-----------Song written by me about me

Fax-------------What Sgt.Joe Friday was looking for on Dragnet

Blog-------------The offspring of a Black Bear and a Hog

Yogurt----------What Sylvester Stallone says when calling his friend Gertrude

Gigabyte--------Marks left by a prehistoric animal scientists call "The Gigasorrius"

Britney Spears--An ancient weapon used by the British

Paris Hilton-----A hotel in France

Euthanasia------Young people living in Asia

WMD'S---------Abbreviation for female physicians

Now you,too, can read the newspaper and know what is going on.

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Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

What a crack up! Loved the plays on words. . .and I needed a good laugh. Britany Spears. . .