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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The New York Bloggers

Dictionaries have their use,I suppose,but I believe that we should use our brains to figure things out.I mean, who made all these words up, anyway?And who says we have to go by what Webster says?Wasn't Webster a television show?

So, I set out again today to define words. One of the best methods for learning a definition of a word is to fit it in a sentence or a phrase, and the meaning should beomce crystal clear. Let's try it.

The word for today is "blog".

1. Dont' get your blogs in a bundle.

2.Dr, I think that I have a case of the blogs.

3.To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

4.I think,therfore I blog.

5.Have you had your annual blog shot this year?

6.The New York Bloggers win the World Series.

7.The WSU Cougars blogged it again.(for you Cougar lovers)

8.But ossifer,I only had two blogs.

9.I've had enough of your bullblog.

10. As Carl Sagan once said,"there are billions and billions of blogs".

OK, maybe my method doesn't work for every word. Oh Webster, where are you?

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