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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bridging The Generation Gap

As you know by now, I am a seeker of word origin. Today's lesson will be trying to bridge the generation gap of words. I want to be with it, and not simply a relic of the past.So, I will take some words, names, and phrases from my youth and find the correlation with today's world.

Dolly Parton---weapons of mass turned around and killed fifty innocent bystanders with her massive war chest.

Yogi Berra-----Tibetan monk,philosopher, and religious leader

LSD-----------Religious establishment based in Utah-ie:Presidential hopeful Romney regularly ingests the teaching of his church, and is not afraid of flying alone.

Hippie---------Valerie Bertinelli before she called Jenny

Chad-----------The Florida Secretary of State used Preparation H to relieve her hanging chads.

Groovy------Interstate 90 between CDA and Spokane

Elections------2000-if you have an election lasting longer than four months seek medical help at once.

Flower Child--Offspring of Bill Clinton and Jennifer Flowers.

You see, our generations are closer together than what you think.Words build bridges.

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