Monday, February 6, 2017

When A Drug Store Does Not Have Drugs

Say it isn't so!, But, alas it is. Another Wallace-Osburn staple has faded away into the vaults of all things past. Yes, Osburn Drug is no longer a -gulp-a drug store., leaving the east end of the Valley without a pharmacy. Yes, the store will remain as a hardware, variety store, but if you want a prescription filled you must journey to Kellogg.

Ah for the good old days. Growing up Wallace we had Lockhart Pharmacy, Ramsier's Pharmacy, and the classic Rexall Drug, as well as the Osburn Drug .Heck, Mullan even had a pharmacy.
So very sad. And then, there were none.

Here is a blog that I wrote in 2012.

The Wallace Drug Wars

Ha, got your attention, didn't it? No, I am not talking about that kind of drug war. I am talking about the three drug stores that Wallace had when I was growing up. There was  Lockhart's Pharmacy, Ramsier Pharmacy, and of course the classic Rexall Drug. I know, it is hard to believe that there were three nice pharmacies in Wallace when not even one exists now. There were also three dry cleaners but that is another day's blog

Lockhart's Pharmacy was located between Morrow's and Fonks , and was by far my favorite pharmacy. Why you ask, was that my favorite one? Well, there were three reasons. They were Cathy, Kerry, and Christie Lockhart, the Lockhart sisters. They all worked in their dad's store at one time or another, and it was well worth the visit to just see one of the girls. ( come on, I was a teenager, give me a break)
Anyway, sadly the Lockhart Pharmacy became Modern Drug, and later Modern Drug moved to Tabors and later disappeared altogether.

Around the corner on 5th Street was Ramsier's Pharmacy. Now, no offense to this business, Mr. Ramsier was a very nice man, but it was almost only a drug store. Wow, what a concept, Drug stores are anything but drug stores nowadays. In the very back of these so-called pharmacies of today, there is a very small counter for prescriptions. Anyway, Ramsier's had very little for a young boy to want, and I seldom ventured in there.

The third and final player in the Wallace Drug Wars was am old fashioned Rexall Drug Store located right across the street from the Smokehouse. Now,I kind of liked this old drug store, No, there were no Lockhart girls to look at, but, there was a sense of history here. As one entered the store there was a huge scale that my brother and I would weigh on every time that we went in there. Back in those days I wanted to gain, and as I grew I became more and more excited as I hit 170, 180,190, and finally topped the magical 200 mark when I was a sophomore. Now, I would love to get below that magical mark again. I remember the mysterious and colorful bottles of medicines. The pharmacists actually mixed the medicines back then. At one time, when I was very little, there was a soda fountain in this old store, bu that went by the wayside when I was in early grade school.

And now, there are no pharmacies in Wallace. That is very sad. Ah yes, the drug wars of Wallace were during a very good time. Oh for the good old days.

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