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Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Drivels

What is there to say? We again mourn the loss of life as one man  full of hatred and evil killed 84 innocent lives in Nice, France. We cannot even begin to know how many others who witnessed this massacre but were spared by the hand of God will suffer serious emotional and mental issues because of the horrific images branded into their memories with a searing hot iron. We beg for the nightmare to end, but terror will not end until we take the steps necessary to end it. It seems like we are at times living in the days foretold by Daniel and other prophets thousands of years ago. Buckle up folks. This flight is about to get even bumpier.
Mr. Turmp tweeted and confirmed the worst kept secret in Washington that Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be his running mate. What will the GOP convention in Cleveland bring forth next week? May God bless the law enforcement officers in that already troubled city. We can hope and pray that there are no repeats of Dallas.
It is a beautiful, sunny day in Wallace. Wow, it still seems unreal that I am once again living here. My wife absolutely loves living here, and she is not even from here, but the verdict is still out for me. The simple life of Wallace has a certain appeal,  but here are days when I am almost desperate to see stores, and people and traffic and ---wait a minute, Maybe is not so bad here after all. I have to admit that I am the most relaxed that I have been in awhile. We are here on a trial basis, but so far so good.
Have a safe and blessed weekend, my friends. Stay safe and keep smiling and laughing. Everyone will wonder what you are up to.

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