Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Time To Heal

I try to  keep my blog free from political ramblings or current event commentary, although, of course, I have not always been true to my own rule. Begging your indulgence, I will one more time disregard my own guidelines for this blog and express some thoughts that may or may not have merit. I will let you be the judge of my summation.

A team is composed of various players, employees, or volunteers, and each member of that team has individual characteristics that may offend, repulse or charm other members of the team. Simply put, some members are no doubt not on your Christmas list, and outside of the team functions, you may not associate with certain other members.

Certainly, it would be heaven on earth if everyone loved everyone else. That, however, is probably not going to happen , so we must learn to live with our differences as far as not letting them affect the common goal of the team

Our country is divided, and I mourn for it. I lived through the sixties and seventies when it seemed at times like the world was coming to an end. but even then there was not the pure hatred that seems to threaten our very existence as a nation.

We must learn to function as a team even though we may be dysfunctional as individuals outside of the team. I am not asking you to love everyone, for, without God, that is not possible . I am praying and asking and yes, even begging for us to all try to remember that if we as a human team, a national team, and as a world team, fail, we all fail, and the consequences of that are too chilling to think about.

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