Saturday, February 6, 2016

Deserves Got Nothing To Do WIth It

So, who "deserves" to be the next POTUS? Well, as Dirty Harry once said, ' Deserves got nothing to so with it", but IF it did, here is my well thought out, brilliantly put together analysis, and a literary masterpiece as only a Wallace Hiigh graduate can pen.

Is Rubio old enough to shave?
Is Sanders really Casper's father?
Would Bill look good in a dress as first lady?
Is Cruz in control?
Is Donald ducking the questions?

Since these and other questions are troubling my mind, I will proudly cast my vote for--------------Bob Doolittle as a write in candidate. Bob whose name says it all, and is so versatile that is can be spelled forward or backward, a good trait for a politician, and has promised to do nothing, at least he is honest. in my opinion is truly deserving of the WH.

The Cedar Street Kid approves this announcement.

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