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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Little Bit Sinner And A Liltte Bit Saint-The Sinner

The raging battle inside humans over satisfying the never-ending thirst for things carnal and paradoxically, things spiritual, goes back to when man was first created. Hedonism would have us believe that it goes against the nature of man to withhold from whatever pleasures that he desires. Many religions proclaim that we  are to fight the flesh that wars against the spirit, and to give into lustful desires will lead to spiritual death and even eternal punishment. Will the two sides ever agree? Is there a common meeting ground? Maybe, just maybe, the two sides of a man are not really at war, but the two sides are the same person and are  two components of the whole. Is your arm a different self-functioning entity of your body than your leg is? 

My hometown of Wallace seemed to be able to arrive at an answer to the internal fight of a man with a simple proclamation. The illustrious mayor, His Honor, Herman K Rossi proclaimed in 1905 that "prostitution was a necessary evil", problem solved.

Wallace was always able to satisfy all of the parts of man from his desires for culture, Wallace had a great opera house, to his spiritual thirst, see the blog on churches in Wallace, to his passion for sex, see blog entitled " Normal, What Is Normal', and his desires for freedom, riches, and serenity. Wallace had it all.

I loved my hometown, and growing up Wallace was the best!

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