Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pet Peeve Day

I am amazed when I read or hear interviews by athletes, politicians, and Joe Blow being interviewed because he knew someone in the news when they were both in kindergarten. Why am I amazed? I am amazed because proper sentence structure seems to be a thing of the past. Does no one use correct grammar anymore? Here is a follow up question. Is proper grammar taught in America's classrooms anymore? 

I want to throw a shoe at the television when I watch an athlete, allegedly college educated, saying “Me and my teammates-------" I even hear well educated national politicians beginning a sentence with the word "well". When I was going to school, one could be banished to English purgatory for beginning a sentence with the word "well"  

My next peeve has to do with choices of color combinations of clothing. When did mixing orange and pink become kosher? I even saw a hideous combination of red and purple. The world is definitely coming to an end.

My third pet peeve this fine Sunday morning is about people who wear their pajamas and clown pants to the grocery store. Is pride a thing of the past, too? Is personal hygiene and proper public appearance too much to hope for?
The fourth pet peeve of the day, and my last one, at least for now, are people who bring their dogs into stores. Please, I do not want your cute little slobbering mutt in the fruit and vegetable sections of the grocery store. My wife and I were in a store several weeks ago, I will not name it by name, but it rhymes with mall tart, and a woman had two small dogs walking long beside her shopping cart. They were not "companion" dogs. Are there no laws anymore prohibiting this outlandish behavior?
I am done peeving today. I am actually having a very nice weekend except for the pain I have caused by a separated shoulder. My wife and I spent a very lovely Saturday at Honeysuckle Beach at Hayden Lake. We will spend today reading the Sunday paper, watching Mariner baseball, and eating a luscious pot roast. Yes, life is good, even with all of my pet peeves. 

 I do want to thank all of the great teachers from School District #393 when I was growing up Wallace. You were the best. 

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