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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Royal Flush

Inspiration comes from many different sources. A poet may take a walk in the forest, or sit beside a sparkling mountain stream. Others seek Divine Guidance, and sit and observe people in everyday life. I find my inspiration sitting on the crapper.

Yes, the privacy of the john affords a man the freedom to think, expand his horizons, and win the Nobel prize for making the world a better place. There is nothing I cannot achieve on the crapper.

It all begins very early in life and the experience remains deeply ingrained in our ego. After all, Mommy said we were good little boys and girls for successfully dumping our Gerber cherry desert in the porcelain god. Our ego was stroked. The blueprint for success became visible. All that we had to do was to successfully fill that darned old bowl, and we were gods and goddesses.

Not only were we praised for being good, the magnitude of our deposit was praised. Ah yes, Mommy thinks I am a good boy for using this damn thing, but I was special for producing a large log. Life was good!

And so, I find my ego in the crapper.It is there that the masters of the ages speak to me. It is there that I am filled with inspiration to become an author, a businessman, a president, a ---well a blogger. It doesn't get any better than that. Well, I have to go for now.I feel some inspiration coming on.

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