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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Ah, a Kodak moment. My two grandsons meet for the first time this week when my son and his son, Tai, visited San Diego and met Enzo. Tai and Enzo must have hit it off as big cousin helped 22 month old Enzo to learn to swim.

Later, they enjoy some park time together.
Then, my son Glen Jr,, and his son, Tai, and his nephew, Enzo, share another Kodak moment.


Go Figure said...

Cedar: Great photographs! I watched the Regional semi final between Cda and the Washington LL teams. Cda was lucky to get 4 runs on no hits in the 2nd inning but they should have won with that lead. However,Washington showed real 'guts' in coming back and it was, at least to me, the better team.

Cedar Street Kid said...

I watched that game, what a heart breaker for CDA, although Wash, was a superior team. I sure felt for the relief pitcher for CDA. it would be nice if a team from the NW wins it all, though, like Kirkland did one time. Hopefully, Tai's team will be there next year.

Go Figure said...

Cedar: Tai must be an amazing player!

Cedar Street Kid said...

He has been playing since he was one, I was living in Seattle when he was little, and we played ball in his backyard by the hour. His other grandparents were big Mariner ticket holders, so he was going to big league games from the get go. By the time he was 3, he could name the starting M's lineup. Good enough to make it some day? Who knows, but he has already been scouted by a few colleges. A former Mariners manager that I know saw his tape hitting, and was very impressed.
he just turned 12, so there is a long, long ways to go. He plays for the love of the game, and I hope that is always the reason that he plays.