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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Free Eudcation Is Not Enough Pay???

Really? Really? The argument that collegiate athletes should be paid for their play or be able to make side money related to autograph's, etc., is absurd in my opinion. For Pete's sake, they are offered a full college education at some of the finest schools in the nation. That, my friends, is worth a lot of money.


Go Figure said...

Cedar: In general I agree with your post. However, for those athletes that are so gifted that they can autograph their picture and get paid for it and/or trade a jersey or memorabilia for tatoos etc....e.g. those that are only at a college for a year or two, don't plan on getting or want a college degree, I feel that they should be able to cash while they can. After all there is no guarantee that they will make it to the next level. I heard where a class action lawsuit was filed over the use of college players names in video games without their compensation. I feel that those athletes should be compensated too.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Good points, GF. Leon feels like players should get even like 100.00 or 200.00 a month stipend. he said when he was at Idaho, some of the guys, like from Houston, didn't even have money for a hamburger, let alone a date. maybe it should be re examined, but big time college athletics are out of control in my opinion. I would rather watch Whitworth, or Linfield type teams in some ways.

Go Figure said...

Cedar: I would rather watch high school.