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Friday, July 12, 2013

School Daze, Learing the Alphabet

It was very confusing to a sophomore when entering the sacred halls of Wallace Senior High School. There were so many more options on extra curricular activates, and I did not want to squander those precious years. After all, these were the real golden years of life. So, I carefully read all of the possible clubs that were available.

It was a good thing that I knew the alphabet, After all, I had nine previous years of prime one education in the Wallace School District not excluding one fine year of Kindergarten complete with a diploma from Mrs. Goldstein's class.. My highly educated eyes carefully scanned down the list of clubs, and they were all listed be letter abbreviations. Well, with my finely tuned brain I should have no problem figuring out what type of club each abbreviation stood for. And so the adventure began.
I was so excited when I signed up for the following clubs.

FTA-well, here was my first major let down. I thought that FTA stood for FUN TIMES AHEAD.
Wow, who would have ever think that it stood for FUTRE TEACHERS OF AMERICA!
I was looking through the members of that club in my old year books, and had to laugh when I was some of the ones who were members, Evidently they thought that it stood for FUN TIMES AHEAD, too.

FHA-Here is one that I thought would be great. After all, FHA must stand for FUTURE HOUSE BUILDERS OF AMEICA. I could learn a good trade and learn how to build my own home in the future. Wrong again. No, and imagine my surprise when I went in and it was all girls and they wanted me to put on flowered apron. Nope, it was FUTRUE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA. Well, I was close.

Ok, I was growing weary of the letter ones, so, ah, there was one that sounded good. I could join an organization and do my school some good. It was called "Reager's Rangers" Hm, I thought to myself, this was probably a  group like the Texas Rangers, only it was geared towards students policing other students. This was just what I was looking for. Whoops, foiled again. I just didn't look good in a skirt shaking those pom poms.

Alas I gave up trying to find a club to belong to, and just found some classes that sounded good,
Home Economics. Now, that sounded like a good, fundamental business course.

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Go Figure said...

Cedar: Ray Christian and I took the shorthand qualifying test to get out of class. Sheez, we had the two highest scores...then we got called into the office and asked if we were serious about taking the class because we would take 2 places from the girls. We came clean, not really. Years later in law school I wished I had taken it. I had to invent my own shorthand version. Ha.