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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Hospital By Any Oher Name

I got sick reading a piece in the local newspaper?, yesterday about our local hospital no longer wants to be known as a hospital or a medical center. No, indeed. They want to change the name to --drum roll-----------------Kootenai Health. Now, if memory serves me correctly, and most of the time id doesn't anymore. every time that I was in the big blue building, I was there because I was ---yes, that's right, say the s word----I was SICK, not well. Duh. Must everything be changed to meet the ever growing sweet, honey coated, sugary way of dealing with life?

When I die I will be buried in a cemetery, not a "rolling hills estate", and when I am too sick to be at home. I want to go to a hospital, not a place where everyone gets together and sings camp songs.
This is a direct quote from the Press.

There's a lot of upbeat talk around Kootenai Health these days and the word "new" features prominently in all of it.

First and foremost, on Tuesday Kootenai launched a new organizational logo as part of its rebranding campaign. The logo - which has been called the "spark" - was designed to represent the hospital's vision for the future.

"The spark is a symbol of our growth and integration," said Jon Ness, Kootenai Health's CEO. "In the past, our brand has been the letter 'K' - that 'K' has existed for 29 years. The old brand is now being retired and we will have evolved from the old to the new."
For those of you who weren't exactly sure how to refer to Kootenai, let there no longer be any question. From this day forward the name is "Kootenai Health."
"Yes, there has been some confusion about our name and one of the goals of this rebranding is to affirm that the name of the hospital is Kootenai Health (KH) and that we are retiring the name Kootenai Medical Center," Ness said. "KMC has been a good friend to us for many decades, but we are not the same organization we were when KMC became the name of this hospital."
And as for some of the other Kootenai Health "news," there's now a new special care nursery for premature babies, a new electrophysiology lab for treating heart arrhthymias, and a new linear accelerator for cancer treatments. Coming up after the first of the year will be a new family medicine residency program. And hovering in the future are some facility expansion plans.
All of the above is in the service of Kootenai Health becoming the primary resource for all of North Idaho's medical needs."

Kootenai Health, your one stop shopping center for everything medical. I can hear our doctors, excuse me, medical providers, say to us " I think that you should be in the Health."
If you come to CDA to visit, don't get sick, because we officially don't have a hospital anymore, We have a "Health".


cdevsol said...

What they really mean is they want to change the name to "insert money here" but don't have the guts to be honest. The word new means this will cost a bunch. The heath care system today is corrupt and out of touch with the needs of the many. rant rant

Go Figure said...

Cedar: Why? Seriously? Are my two questions. The cost to replace everything, and I mean everything, that has the KMC logo will be huge. Also I find this PR event similar to the roadside billboards that KMC had placed at various locations claiming KMC was one of the best places to work. Not so, according to many former employees.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Both of you are so right. Money, money, and money. If I am ever out and a stranger to town were to ask me where the hospital is, I will tell them that I am sorry, but Coeur D' Alene does not have a hospital anymore, but we have a "Health". I can imaging the look that I would get.