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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Burke Vs, The Bronx-again

I have been thinking about revisiting posts that I did on Burke vs. The Bronx, and my days in both of those fine places. I found these pictures on the net that kind of shows why I saw similarities between them.

South Bronx playground
Burke playground.

Seriously, I would not trade the time that I spent in The South Bronx for any thing.
Decaying building The S Bronx
Hm, this old building in Burke looks a lot like the one in The S Bronx


Go Figure said...

Cedar: Joan and I drove by that building on Saturday. I couldn't remember if it was the old school (although it looked like someone had a desk/office on the upper floor). I tried to find the remnant of the swimming pool, but I couldn't tell where it had been. We went on up the road and found the old baseball field though. I could hear the crowd. Well, it just seemed like it. I would have loved to play a game in that beautiful setting in the trees.

Cedar Street Kid said...

GF, my dad saw Satchel Paige pitch in Burke when he was with the KC Monarchs.

Go Figure said...

Cedar: Now THAT is cool. I heard about that. It must have been great!

Cedar Street Kid said...

GF, is there anyway that John B would let you post any of his pics of the old ball park? That would be great. When I was real little, the grandstands were still there, and the pitcher's mound and basses were still there. The remains of one of the dugouts still stood. Leon and found several old baseballs. We went huckleberry picking every year there until I was about ten.