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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Re Run-From Jan.2008

I am at a stand still this month as far as new blogs go, so I am on re-runs for awhile. I am going back to a few of  my first ones and reposting them. Here is one from Jan. 2008 about words bridging the generation gap.

As you know by now, I am a seeker of word origin. Today's lesson will be trying to bridge the generation gap of words. I want to be with it, and not simply a relic of the past.So, I will take some words, names, and phrases from my youth and find the correlation with today's world.

Dolly Parton---weapons of mass turned around and killed fifty innocent bystanders with her massive war chest.

Yogi Berra-----Tibetan monk,philosopher, and religious leader

LSD-----------Religious establishment based in Utah-ie:Presidential hopeful Romney regularly ingests the teaching of his church, and is not afraid of flying alone.

Hippie---------Valerie Bertinelli before she called Jenny

Chad-----------The Florida Secretary of State used Preparation H to relieve her hanging chads.

Groovy------Interstate 90 between CDA and Spokane

Elections------2000-if you have an election lasting longer than four months seek medical help at once.

Flower Child--Offspring of Bill Clinton and Jennifer Flowers.

You see, our generations are closer together than what you think.Words build bridges.


Go Figure said...

Groovy...I remember when the Washington State Highway Department said that the grooves were really obtical illusions and not 'grooves'. Ha!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Those optical illusions could sure send you for a loopy loop in the winter time.