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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Lighter Side of The Arms Issue-"The Right To Bare Arms"

With all of the arguing back and forth about the 2nd Amendment  I decided to re post a blog that I did tongue in cheek several years ago. Here is the lighter side of a serious and divisive issue.

The Supreme Court Ruling yesterday seemed to uphold the 2nd amendment right for the people to bare arms, but I for one, think that this ruling did not go far enough. I have been baring my arms for years, and so have millions of others. I did not know that was even an issue before the Court! Don't we have many more important issues than the right of Americans to wear short sleeve or sleeveless shirts?

So, where do we as a society draw the line.? We have become a nation of crack addicts. Several days ago I was in the parking lot of Stein's in Osburn sipping a mocha when a young lady got out of her car parked next to mine. She evidently dropped something, and with one swooshing sound she bent over to retrieve the item. She was wearing some very loose fitting lounging pants with nothing on underneath them. Right before my virgin eyes there was the full moon staring me right in the face. This past Tuesday my wife and I were sitting down in the Gondola Village in front of the Wildcat Pizza sipping some cold drinks. Across the way a young man stood up, bent over, and there again, was the full moon. Now, I ask you, does the 2nd amendment give us the right to bare butts? I think this should go before "Your Honors", and let them sort that one out!

How about the right to bare navels? Recent trends seem to indicate that every teenage girl between the ages of thirteen and seventeen feels it is their constitutional right to bare theirs.
Now, I have nothing in particular against navels, as a matter of fact, here is a deeply kept secret, I have one, too. But it is getting a little tiring to see so many everyday. I have not seen so many navels since I visited the huge Navy base in Long Beach, California several years ago.

How about the right to bare legs? This has become a very accepted practice over the last fifty years, and I personally think it is a fine idea. As a matter of fact, I have on shorts even as I write this. Does the Court want to rule on this, too?

Where does all of this end? The right to bare breasts, groins? Looks to me like the Court is going to be busy for many years. But yesterday was indeed a victory for those of us who like to wear short sleeve shirts. Keep up the good work, Supreme Court.

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