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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mirror Mirror Revisted

Wow, it sounds so strange. I remember when we were the young ones. I remember when everyone said that I did not look my age. I even remember when the waitress in Spokane thought that my son was my little brother. Well something must have changed. 

My oxygen guy was here today replenishing my stash and told me about a  guy" about your age, or maybe a little younger." What was he implying, anyway? Then there was the lady who cuts my hair. I was there on Monday, and she asked me if I ask for senior discounts at a local grocery store that offers them one day each week. But, the topper of all toppers was when a waitress asked me if  she could give me a senior discount on my lunch. I put on my best indignant grimace, and snapped at her" I am not even close to that age". to which she replied without missing a beat "You sure could have fooled me."

NO, this IS NOT a picture of me , but it is probably the way most of us look in the mirror. We see what we once were and what we want to see, not what we really are. 

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