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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Novel Idea

From Feb.2008

What If We Were Just A Novel?

What if we were no more nor more less than characters in someones novel?What if our lives were mere responses to an author's words as he or she writes? What if the thoughts in our heads were the result of narration?What if the author had yet to determine the final outcome for the character?

Last night I watched a movie with that plot.I laid awake for hours after contemplating such a possibility. I know.I know. It sounds like the conversations we had back in the sixties and seventies when we were stoned.However, I think it goes deeper than that.

I think that to a great degree we are the authors of our own personal novel.Everyday when the alarm clock goes off and we wipe the sleep out of our eyes, we begin to pen the next chapter of our novel.

The way we comb our hair, brush our teeth,select our clothes for the day, and what we choose to eat for breakfast are all part of the way our plot will unfold.

The company we keep, the music we listen to on our way to work,the occupation we selected,the type of car that we drive, are all just the details of creative writing.The author,of course, is you.

How would you write the perfect ending for your character?Let's say the choice is entirely yours to make.Remember, you have already set the background with all of the past events of your life, so you cannot change that part, You have already written it.But the elusive ending is still waiting for your creative input.

Will you be the hero that saves the world? Will you find your soul-mate and go off into the sunset to live happily ever after? Will you see yourself on your deathbed and as the the last moments of your earthly existence tick off, look up, wink at your loved ones, and say"what a ride?"

Or will your character have the dark veil fall like the curtain at the theater after the final act, and with horror you realize that you could have written a far greater masterpiece.?

Today I begin another chapter in my life. Today the page is blank, and I alone am the author.What will I write today?

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