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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Mighty Voice of Radio-KWAL

OK, it was big for our town, and plenty big enough to cover the area now known as the Silver Valley. It was a mighty 1,000 watts of magic. It was our link to a bigger world. It was the mighty KWAL.

Yes, growing up, there was the always magic 620AM on "your dial". It was this media outlet that allowed me as a 7th grader to hear the Supremes, and my favorite during the nightly request show, "Eve of Destruction". Oh how I loved that song. I would gather up my school books, go to my room, plug my transistor radio(OK, how about that one for a blast from the past-transistor radios?), and do my homework and listen to all of the latest top hits. I actually studied better that way, Honestly,Mom.

The bet part of KWAL for me was Saturday afternoon in the Fall, and I would tune in eagerly to 620 AM on my dial, and there was that familiar golden voice , Bob Curtis, the legendary voice of the Idaho Vandals. I never missed a Vandal game on the radio, and I can still hear Bob Curtis calling games for some not so great Vandal teams, but like the legendary, late Dave Niehaus,voice of the Seattle Mariners, Curtis made it seem like a great game anyway, and I always could feel, hear, see, smell, and cheer, just like I was sitting in the best seat on the 50 yard line.

Thank you KWAL for giving us in those days a peak into the outside world.
The Cedar Street Kid


Go Figure said...

Bob Curtis...Yep! Seems like every 5 or 10 minutes he would yell: "Fumble!!!!...I don't know!!!...the (insert name of other team) recovered."

Cedar Street Kid said...

yes, I see that he passed away a few days after I wrote this. Good man-50 year of Vandal football-must have had nerves of steel