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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Antiques of Junk?

Walking the streets of Wallace since I returned home in 2007, I have been both saddened and amused by the numerous storefronts advertising their wares as "antiques". The number of antiques shops is rivaling the number of bars that Wallace had in the old days. You could bar hop all night in Wallace, and still never get to all of them. Now, it's "antique shops". As I blogged about once before, even the old Cornell-Ward Funeral Home is now known as "Parlor Antiques". I have no idea what kind of antiques they sell, nor am I sure that I want to know. I find it repulsive and disrespectful.

OK, back to the subject of this blog. Just what is an antique? I used to think that antiques were something very special, something very valuable and rare, like a Stradivarius violin or Rembrandt painting. Boy, was I ever wrong ! Nope, Evidently, an antique is anything that is sitting in the attic or garage that is rusty, scarred, and of no use to anyone. I have also been told that an antique is something fifty years old or older. OK, now I get it.

All of us baby boomers are now officially antiques. Wow, that means that I must be an antique, as is everyone else that I went to school with. So by my own definition, I am rusty( yep, my knees creak everytime I stand up. WD 40 does not seem to work anymore). Scarred? Oh yea, all over, and of no use to anyone, well, I will leave that one up to others to judge. So, I wonder how much I am worth on the antique market. Think I will go up to Wallace today and walk in to one of the bars, or I mean antique shops, and get a quote on me. I suppose I might get arrested of I ask a female employee how much she would pay for me.


Go Figure said...

Cedar: You must be well "preserved", all I would get for asking that last question would be a laugh...or maybe an award for being so optomistic. ha

Cedar Street Kid said...

Yep, I am GF, All of that wine years ago acts as a preservative.
Anway, I was told be a reliable source, and a mutual classmate from Wallace, that when she saw you last year that still looked like you always did. Of course,I cannot verify that since I have not seen you since graduation.

MarmiteToasty said...

Pickled, thats the way forward to preserve you LOL

Im pretty much an antique to..... but whereas Antiques are loved and amired and taken home to adorn someones life....... me...... well, left on the shelf LMFAO


MarmiteToasty said...

ps......... I LOVE rummaging round in junkie/antique shops :)


Go Figure said...

Cedar: Now, that is really scary to think that I looked this bad, back then. ha