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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reunion Time

Well, it is again just about time for that old reunion for Wallace High, and I am once again not going. I missed the tenth, twentieth, and so on, so I want to be consistent, you know. After returning to Wallace after many years absences, I just don't think that I could face the fact that old school chums have grown old. Seeing the decay of Wallace is bad enough. Driving past the blight of a building that they now call " Wallace Senior and Junior High School" breaks my heart. I cannot imagine the disgrace that high school students feel to have Junior High kids in the same building.Pitiful!

I cannot face the fact that Wallace now plays some game called "eight-man football" They may as well just have a flag football team. And being in the same league now as Mullan is beyond what any older Wallace High student should have to endure. So, you see, it is not my school. It is not the place that I so fondly remember and tell my wife and kids about. There have been enough changes to face since I returned, and I cannot even begin to face what some of my old classmates look like now!

For instance, what must GF look like now. Old, decrepit, probably using a cane or walker, false teeth falling out of his mouth, or even worse, gumming his reunion dinner. Oh, the horror of it!
I am sure all the girls who once fueled my teenage hormones are now white-haired, with those matronly figures. Oh, the horror of it. Why, I on the other hand and more fit, dashingly handsome, and charming than ever. I don't want to make the rest of my old chums feel badly about how they have gone over the hill.

So, I will not go. I might venture over there and see if any of my old classmates are around the streets and take a quick peek to see how they have aged, but that is about all. So, in good will to all of my old mates, I will not make them feel like failures, as they surely would if they saw me, and I want to remember them as they were, not the horrible state that they are in. .

And besides that, I am too cheap to pay the fee to go.


Silver Valley Girl said...

I was talking to someone about this last night, and I think they have about 5,000 people registered, and expect up to 10,000 people in Wallace that weekend. That is going to be some party. That is the final weekend of our show at the theater, and I imagine it will be an interesting time to be in Wallace. You probably won't even have to leave your house to be a part of that reunion.

Cedar Street Kid said...

True, SVG. But a party in Wallace? Old time Wallace people never partied.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Oops, my mistake. Maybe I was thinking of Mullan!!!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Wallace was known for the genteel folks who lived here-cultured and civilized. We never partied. Yes, you must have been thinking of Mullan, that heathen town up the road.

MarmiteToasty said...

Ok, now this post is wellabit funny....