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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mother and Child

Ah,one beautiful thing about living in this area is that you never know what you will see. And there is one special spot that I have found to be a spiritual experience every so often when I stop there. Even when I was living in Seattle, and would come home to see the folks, I would always stop in Big Creek by the little pond by the memorial. I don't know why I have always been so drawn here, but I am, and I have been rewarded so many times for doing so. After I met Candy and we got married, I started stopping by there with her, and we have seen so many marvelous life forms. One day two years ago, I parked there, got out of the car, and walked towards the water. I looked out over the pond, and there starring back at me was a large bull moose. Over the months we have seen beavers, hawks, chipmunks, deer, ducks and host of other interesting life forms. So, every week when we make our pilgrimage to Wally World to shop for groceries, we stop back by Big Creek to see what we can see.

Friday was no exception, and we took the old highway out of Kellogg. As we neared Elk Creek, my wife gasped, and I turned to my left to see what she was gasping about. And there, standing only a few feet from us was a a female moose. I stopped the car, and the moose looked right at me, and our eyes locked for about ten seconds. She then darted in to the brush. We drove up the road about a mile, and suddenly I had the urge to go back and see if she was still there. We did, and just as we got back to Elk Creek, not only did we see the female, we say her baby running right behind her. We watched in utter awe as mother and child ran right through the parking lot of the new construction company , and head towards the homes in Elk Creek. Carefully following her in the car, trying not to spook her, we watched as she and her baby made their way through the streets, and then disappear into the mountain.

My wife and I sat in the car for a few minutes, quietly and excitedly relieving those goose bump moments. Nothing is more beautiful than to see all of God's wonderful creations and life forms.
There are moments when I hate being back here. I miss the city, the shopping, Starbucks, and the hum of cars and foreign accents. But, when I see something like mother and child that we saw Friday, I think that this is a special place, a natural zoo. Oh, we will move back to city life when our business is wrapped up here, but in the meantime, we will stand in awe of all of the wonderful life forms this area has. Stop and look, you never know what you will see.


Go Figure said...

Cedar: Dang, it wasn't even hunting season! Did you get off a shot? I won't tell anyone. I have never eaten moose(s) but I hear that it is excellent! HA!

MarmiteToasty said...

Say NO to eating poor little defenceless cute and cuddly mooses..


Cedar Street Kid said...

Hey, GF, no shots except in the camera of my mind. I had moose once when I was in Anchorage. It was BBQ, and good. I went to a party out in the wilderness and they served Fresh Salmon, moose, and champagne-mm-was good.

MT-I don't hunt, don't worry about the little old moose.

MarmiteToasty said...

Taking Starrs guns off of him and locking him in the cupboard under the stairs so he cant hunt the cute little mooses...


Go Figure said...

Under the stairs...great, that is where I keep my really big guns! (don't tell anyone...especially the gubberment.HA)