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Friday, April 24, 2009

This Old House, Aged Wine, and ME

I don't get it. How can a house appreciate in value just because it gets old? I am thinking about our old Cedar Street house and how it has gone form $9,000 to $275,000 in value. For Pete's Sake, it is over a hundred years old. Has the wood increased in value? Has the old staircase suddenly donned gold and become worth a king's ransom? I don't get it.

OK, let's examine the facts. Evidently, some things increase in value as they age, while others are labeled as old junk and tossed on the scrap pile and sent to the old things place in the sky. Wine increase in value as it ages. So, with that concept, my old bottle of 1975 Boone's Farm Apple Wine should be worth a fortune now. Right? How about my old bottle of Strawberry Hills? Must be worth thousands now.

So, with this formula in mind, I must also be worth a fortune now. If my once black hair had value at the age of 18, my white 50 plus year old hair must be worth millions. And, how about the collapsed veins in my foot and ankle? I mean, they must be a collector's dream. Hm, wonder how much I could sell them for? Not to mention my ----. Wonder what I could get for it! Maybe I should advertise on Craig's List-One used----" Only used three times a week by an old lady from Pasadena."

OK, you get the picture. Houses go up in value as they reach old age, but humans, hm, they seem to lose their market value.. For Pete's Sake.


Silver Valley Girl said...

Real estate has always baffled me. We moved from a 1100 sq ft house in Meridian in 2000, and sold it for $30,000 more than we purchased our 2500 sq ft house in Kellogg. Then we sold that house a couple of years ago for over three times what we bought it for. I just shake my head. But, when the market is good, it is a good investment.

So I wonder what a 1975 bottle of Boone's Farm would taste like today?

Cedar Street Kid said...

hey SVG-I don't know what it would taste like now, and I probably won't try it! I did buy a bottle of it about 4 years ago to see if I still liked it like I did when I was young,nope!

MarmiteToasty said...

I could live the life I so crave if I sold up and bought a little house with a bit of land in the states lol...... house prices here are crazy.... and with the recession many of the newer houses have dropped in value, yet my little 104 year old solidy house has gone up.... how crazy is that..


Go Figure said...

Cedar: "Old wine" such thing! Taste...get over it. HA!

Cedar Street Kid said...

MT-hope your dream comes true.

GF-You are so right!-I love wine-never could sip it though. I drank it like it was a shot. Bottle,gulp-gone.

Go Figure said...

Sip it...what are you talking about? The reason there is no such thing as old wine is that in the 'valley' there is no such thing as 'sipping'. HA!

MarmiteToasty said...

OK where the devil are you..


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