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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Economics For Dummies by A Dummy

OK, here we go again, trying to use some common sense in this mess. So far, the "recovery" seems to be really working. The 3-4 million new jobs sure must have been true, after all, there are thousands of new unemployment claims being filed every day. Washington State has a new record for unemployment, and Idaho is on the rise. These poor wretches just must be too lazy to go out and get one of those 4 million jobs out there. What losers!

Yesterday it was reported that many of the states who received stimulus money are not spending it, but putting it away for possible projects that will not even provide jobs for three years. Hm, something fishy about that.

The economy is bad because we are not buying goods and services. Even a major Spokane hospital is laying of people because"not enough people are using the hospital" For Pete's sake. The solution is simple. The Feds should send a good plague stimulus around, sickening millions of folks. That should take care of the problem.

You see , it is all so simple. Give the people the money used to bail out banks, insurance companies, automobile companies, and the states. We would use the banks for our deposits, buy new cars, get insurance, pay off our bills, take vacations, and get sick from all of this and have to use the hospitals. Everyone would be a winner, and the economy would be flourishing.

Economics for dummies, for Pete's sake.


MarmiteToasty said...

Your country sounds as bad as ours at the moment...... people being made redundant, no jobs to be found.... but hey, summer is almost here, its better to be skint in the sunshine right? at least it saves on heating costs :)

All I can say is, fank goodness Im savvy with dosh....


Go Figure said...

Cedar: Don't give em any ideas. Besides what do you think contrails are anyway? HA!

Cedar Street Kid said...

GF, wasn't Hank, Scar Faced Contrail the guy on the grassy knoll in Dallas?

MT. yes it is a mess, but not to worry, I am on the scene, and will take care of the whole problem.