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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Saw What?

I was not sure yesterday if I was watching the swearing in of a new President, or if I was watching the crowning of the King! Was I watching the 2nd Coming of Christ, or was I watching the peaceful transferring of power between two leaders? What exactly did we watch yesterday, and what does it all mean?

What scare me the most is the emotional hysteria, the looks of pure rapture on the faces in the crowd, and the chanting of his name. Was I watching the beginning of something new and great, or was I watching the death of America? I ask all of this with no malice, no agenda, and no answer at this point. I want to examine the concept of why we are so much like sheep, why we can get so caught up in emotion that we are ready to sign over the deed to our nation.

All of this probably makes me look like I am anti Obama. I am not. Nor, am I pro Obama. I am not. I am scared, and I am trying to find out why I feel that way. I have never been a band wagon person. I do not worship any man, sports figure, musician, politician, or movie star. I worship only God. I do not need another savior, leader, or dictator to show me the way.

So, what was it that we witnessed yesterday? Was it a coronation of a rock star, or was it just good politics? Did we need a change? Absolutely! Is is just another cycle in the jungle of American politics? Probably. After all, we saw this in the sixties with JFK. I guess what really gets me is that people are like sheep. They follow whoever and whatever, and that scares me.

There was a man in a certain country years ago that stirred up the hysteria of his nation. This country was down and out. The economy was in the tank. He promised a new beginning.He stirred the masses through beautiful words, and the emotions were set aflame. We know how that ended. Read the history of Germany.

I am in no way saying this is the case with our new President, and I am sure it is not. I am just saying, be careful of blind following. Think for yourself, and worship no man.


Go Figure said...

My concern centers around what I perceive as people wanting a change so badly that they gladly jump on a bandwagon and don't know where it is headed...they just know that it is fun for the time being. We will see how fast the honeymoon is over. Already some of his hard core supporters, from the beginning, are disenchanted...that is probably good. Regardless, the bandwagon ticket was purchased, it is on the who knows where...I guess all we can do is enjoy the ride and hope that it doesn't end at a cliff. HA

Cedar Street Kid said...

GF-that is exactly what bothers me. SO many people voted that have never voted before because it was the cool thing to do. They may or may not know the platform and agenda of any politician. I find that very frightening.