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Monday, January 12, 2009

I Want It Back!=You Be the Judge

In sickness, in health, for richer for poorer, until death do we part-except of course unless that includes your kidneys! Several weeks ago I did a post about transplants, and well, here we go again!

Dr, Batista of Garden City, NY, donated one of his kidneys to his beloved wife in 2001. What man wouldn't if it meant the life of his beloved? However, it appears that this happy marriage was about to take a rocky turn when his wife allegedly had several affairs about 18 months after the transplant. He sued for divorce. Now, most people want the house, some money, maybe the wedding bands, and for sure the stocks and bonds. But, this is not your usual property fight divorce proceedings. No, he wants his kidney back!

However, please note that he is not vindictive, for he is willing to take 1.5 million dollars instead of the kidney. Hm,, just how far does the community property laws go ? How would you like to be the judge in this one? Maybe the good Mrs. Doctor could counter-sue and request that he give her back her virginity. Now, that would be justice!


MarmiteToasty said...

I always thought if something was given as a gift then you cant possibly ask for it back, its like giving a birthday pressie and then asking for it back, its like dear lovely Starr sending me cowie and now asking for it back, I would tell him where to sling his bloody hook LOL

Tiz a crazy world you doodles live in lol

I hope life and family in your life are back on track.... hugz


Go Figure said...

Cedar: I would like to know, did you tell MT that I have a hook? I thought that was a secret. HA! Oh, I think you presumes too much on the ladies virginity. That might be a tough case to prove. Oh, and it's all about money...I am sure that the claim of the wife is for much more than the paltry sum he is asking for his kidney. Divorce court is sooo much fun. The should start a TV show, replace Judge Judy...or whoever the current judge is...and have (drum roll please) Divorce Court. The viewing numbers would go through the roof. HA!

Cedar Street Kid said...

yes, GF, it is always the money.I hate to tell you but there is a tv show already called "Divorce Court"

Sorry about the hook, it just slipped out.

inlandempiregirl said...

I heard this story on the radio while driving to work the other day...I think this could create a whole new court tv series... or a reality show... heaven forbid!!

Cedar Street Kid said...

MT-yep we doodles are crazy
IEG-yes, a new reality show!Only problem is that is all too true-sounds more like it should be a Soap!