Thursday, February 7, 2008

Slow down you're going too fast

"Slow down,you're going to0 fast,got to make the morning last"
Where are you going?Where am I going?Where are we going?

Having lived in some major cities including NewYork, Seattle,LasVegas,Portland, and Wallace,I am constanty bemused,amazed,horrified,terrified,and homogenized,(just kidding) at the sight of people rushing to ?????

I came to the conclusion that my life must not be as important as everyone elses because I don't seem to have to rush. I don't even have to check my calendar to see if I have times for a cup of coffee. Hmm-must be something wrong with me.

This past year I decided to enjoy each day. Wow,what a concept! So, sitting on my porch this summer I saw deer,elk,bear, moose, and thousands of birds.By sitting quietly I watched crows chase a hawk , watched baby birds learning to fly, and the most glorious thing of all was actually sitting for hours and watching a bulb shed its shell and become an amzing flower.
I mean I actually watched the whole process. If you have never expereinced this, you are missing out on life.

OK. I have an advantage. Due to a progressive illness, I can no longer work.I now realize how much I had missed all of these years as I spent my energy trying to climb the corporate ladder.
Wow. I grew up in Wallace, and while I had a head knowledge of all of the wonders of the area, I am just now learning the reality of the nature here.

As corney as it sounds, I do stop and smell the roses everyday.While you may not have the time that I do, try to take even 15 minutes a day. Look around, and you will be amazed at what is out there."Time,time,time, is on my side,oh yes it is"

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Silver Valley Girl said...

That is why I enjoy my morning walks so much. I feel like I actually get to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the town while it is still quiet and still, and experience the snow falling, or the wind blowing, or the sun coming up over the mountains. It is a wonderful experience to just take the time to slow down and observe.