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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Leaving the Cocoon

It is warm, familiar, nourishing, friendly, and safe, and leaving it is no small decision. Growing up Wallace, I always knew, we all always knew, that there was so much more than our tiny corner of the planet. We were safe, secure, and even a little defiant, and we would quickly take issue with anyone who dared to insinuate that our little cocoon was anything but the best, but in our hearts, we knew there was more, much more. 

The day had come to make the move for some of us. Yes, some would stay and perhaps follow the tradition of working in the great mines of the Coeur d' AleneMining District, just like their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and cousins had done.My dad, despite having worked for years underground, made it clear early on that he hoped that neither one of his two boys would have to hoist the pick and shovel and descend into the world quite like no other. That day did come for me, though it was a full decade after graduation and college.I will tell you a little secret. My dad beamed wth pride when I went to work at the Star mine, the same mine where he had worked, and his brothers had worked.The only reason that my dad left the mines for the business world was that my mother was so afraid that he would get killed working in them.

Anyway, I digress, and I am starting to ramble.I had big plans for my life and they did not include staying in my hometown for ever. I wanted to go to college, earn my degree and then teach. I often wonder how many from my graduating class ended up doing what they said what they were going to become and make their life's work.Some did but many of us did not.

Growing up Wallace was great, but the day had come-it was time to go.
To be continued.

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