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Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy Birthday -Big 16 tomorrow for Grandson Tai

Tomorrow is my grandson's, Tai, 16th birthday, you know, THE BIG ONE! Oh yes, 15 years old is getting there, but 16? Well, adulthood is right around the corner, and you are "grown up", at least in your eyes. Sorry, Tai, to me you are still the tiny baby that filled your grandpa's heart with a special glow that I had never experienced before.

I was still living in Seattle in those days, and every moment that I could get away from the hotel, I headed up to your parent's house to see you. I have hundreds and hundreds of photos of you. I remember the first time that you fell asleep in my arms. I remember holding your hand when you started walking, and ventured up the street to the baseball park and watched the softball games on Sunday afternoons. You had already developed a love of baseball that you have to this day.

I remember the fist time that you called me "grandpa", and instead of making me feel old, it had quite the opposite effect. I made me feel alive. I remember that we talked Seattle Mariner baseball when you were only two years old, and you could name some of the players even then. Cammy,(Mike Cameron) was your favorite player, and you even had a jersey with his name on it.

I followed your Little League games from here in Idaho on cam at your park there. I watched you pitch on national television in the Little League Word Series, and I follow you HS baseball religiously including getting to watching you play for the Washington State Championship at Safeco Field. 

If you become a MLB player, I will be so proud of you, but I will be just as proud of you no matter what profession you choose in life, because you are my grandson, my first grandchild, and this old man loves you very much. Happy Birthday, Tai. 

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