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Monday, January 16, 2017

Three Key Elements To Make America Great Again

I want to do my part to help our new POTUS make America great again. We can argue, debate, speculate, and pontificate theory after theory after theory about what that means, what methods will be used to get that result, and just what it means to be made great again.

Well, folks, fear not for I have all of the answers, all of the solutions, and all of the ingredients to once again make America great like it was in the golden age of the 1950's  Are you ready? If you were not born in the 1950's or early 1960's you may be too young to fully understand what I am about to say, but do a little Googling or better yet, ask your parents or grandparents for an explanation.

My fellow Americans, I present to you the three elements that are sure fire to make America Great Again. Drum roll, please------------------

1.Wonder Bread-
2. Cheerios
3. Hostess Twinkies

And there you have it, my fellow Americans. Let's make America Great Again. Eat Wonder Bread. Buy some Cheerios, and don't forget the Twinkies. You may even still have some in our cupboards from the 1950's They are still good!
Make America Great Again. 

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