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Sunday, November 6, 2016

National Holiday? No Problem, Just Change The Date For Wallace-Kellogg Football

And, that is exactly what Wallace did. Wallace,Idaho, you know, the Silver Capital of the world, the center of the universe, the original of all originals, did things our way, not the way others did. 

The year was 1934, and the month was November 7th, and here is the article from the Spokane Chronicle.

Wallace and Shoshone County will observe Saturday as Armistice Day instead of Monday, it was definitely decided yesterday.
More than 85 percent of the Wallace merchants signed an agreement to close Saturday to permit their employees to attend the annual Wallace-Kellogg football game which will decide the championship of the Panhandle and Shoshone County. Kellogg and Mullan had previously decided to close Saturday.,3787350&hl=en

Ah, those must have  been fun days. The annual Wallace-Kellogg War was huge in those days, and by golly, the CDA Mining District had their priorities straight. World War 1 may have been over, but the war on the gridiron was fought fresh yearly, and nothing, not even work, would stand in the way of being a spectator and maybe even an after game participation in the fights that frequently broke out after the game.

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