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Friday, October 21, 2016

And That's The Way it Was

Young ladies entering their freshman year of college in 2016 would have thought that they had been mysteriously or perhaps cyber transported to the outer limits of purgatory if they had been presented with the rules of opposite sex interactions expected and demanded by young ladies at the University of Oregon in 1905. Picture the mass protest and campus chaos that would ensue today if freshmen ladies were told the following by the dean of women.

"No pleasure in which the college man or any man for that matter,is a sharer shall be indulged in unless there is a chaperone around. No boating will be permitted,no walks on Saturday mornings,no gatherings of any kind in which the men play a part will be countenanced. All is tabooed unless the rules of propriety are complied with."

The article continues "As a matter of fact there is little intimacy between the college men and women in the university,and the advice was solely for the benefit of the freshmen girls so that the traditions of the university might not be altered. "

The rules were not actually that much different than when I attended a private Chrisitan the 1970's Fortunately, I was married to my first wife by then, so the rules did not apply to us.( breathing a sigh of relief)

And that's the way is was October 21, 1905. 

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